Sparkling Wine Discovery from Washington State: Treveri Cellars

Spring has finally sprung here in New York City, a welcome relief after the cold, damp weather we've been having.   But I kept reminding myself that "April showers bring May flowers" and with all of the gorgeous cherry blossoms and tulips blooming around the city, it was well worth the wait.  


With the arrival of May and the thought of impending barbecues and outdoor entertaining, I am feeling inspired to whip up a batch of my world-famous guacamole (okay, maybe only famous in my neck of the woods!).  Many people enjoy a nice cold beer with guacamole, but why not have it with another type of bubbly ... a refreshing glass of sparkling wine? 


It was love at first sip for me!  I was on a press trip with a group of five other writers sponsored by Washington State Wines and we had the good fortune of meeting Jürgen Grieb, the owner/head winemaker of Treveri Winery, a producer of sparkling wines located in the Yakima Valley AVA.   Jurgen's passion had always been bubbles, which he attributes to his mother, who only drank sparkling wine.  Jürgen, born and raised in Germany, studied winemaking in college and came to the United States in the early 1980s to work at a German winery in Washington State.  In 2007 he started Treveri Cellars (the name comes from a variation of the town in Germany where he is from).  Treveri is the only winery in Washington State which solely produces sparkling wine.  The wine is produced in the traditional method like Champagne, but unlike Champagne, the style of these sparkling wines is more fruit forward, with bright acidity and not a lot of yeastiness. These wines are dry, fresh and lively with subtle flavors and would be a wonderful complement to many dishes, not just guacamole.  It's no wonder that Treveri wine has been served at White House State Department receptions and at the James Beard Foundation in New York.

Another day on the trip we had lunch at Tahoma Farms, an organic vegetable farm not far from Seattle, as part of "Taste Washington on the Farm".  We were welcomed with a glass of Treveri Brut Prestige by Jurgen's son Christian, who is following his father's footsteps in winemaking.   The Brut Prestige is a favorite of mine with delicate aromas and flavors; very dry yet with a creamy minerality and a taste of honey on the finish.  During the lunch we were served a Pinot Meunier rosé and though there were several well-crafted Washington State wines on the table, I found that I kept returning to the rosé.  With its bright acidity and steely fruit flavors, it was perfect alongside the meal:  a salad of kale and smoked parmesan, a sausage, garlic and egg dish and a rhubarb apple crisp for dessert. 

How to have Treveri wines arrive on your doorstep:  Many of the Treveri sparkling wines are available on their website (they ship to most states).  The Brut Prestige (winner of the Wine Spectator's "2017 Top Value Wine in the World") is a blend of 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay and is available online for $25/bottle.  The 100% Pinot Meunier Rose ($54/bottle) is available but you must call the tasting room to order it (509-877-0925).  They have several other delicious sparkling wines made from a variety of grapes such as a Riesling and even a red one made from Syrah,  all produced in the traditional method and starting at just $15.   Join the "bubble club" to receive a selection of their fabulous wines throughout the year.

Father and son winemakers at Treveri Cellars.  You can also visit the winery located in Wapato, WA. They would love to see you!



Keep in mind that guacamole is only as good as the avocados.  READ MORE (and get the recipe for my guacamole and savory corn cakes!)