Why You Should Have Sauternes In Your Fridge And In Your Pocket!

When I first met Bérénice Lurton, owner of the historic Château Climens in Barsac, Sauternes, she mentioned something funny that I often think of as I'm running around on my busy days in New York City. She told me that, every so often, when she's feeling famished in between appointments with no time to stop and eat, she takes one little sip of her Sauternes. And this one little taste, besides leaving lingering flavors of vanilla, apricot, peach, nectarine, pineapple, honey and mint on her palate (just like a real fruit salad!), abates the hunger and she can continue on her busy day until it's time for the next meal. So, you know what? Sauternes in the fridge isn't the only way to go. Maybe you need to carry some in your pocket as well.  Cheers!!


Getting ready for "lights, camera, action" with Bérénice Lurton (at left) and Christopher Barnes of Grape Collective (at right).

Château Climens produces one of the finest sweet wines in the world. Read the article and interview with Bérénice at www.grapecollective.com.


Who would believe that the moldy grapes above would make such beautiful wines below?!


As a Sauterne ages, its color changes from light gold to a deep amber color.  Notice the difference between the 2005 on the left and the 1997 on the right — eight years makes a big difference!