Feudi Di San Gregorio Wines - Finding Beauty In The Ashes Of Destruction


Feudi di San Gregorio is an innovative producer of high-quality wines in the Campania region of southwestern Italy.  There has been a long history of volcanic eruptions here, some having destroyed entire communities in just one day.  Yet, throughout history people have continued to risk everything to settle close to volcanoes.  Why?  It all comes down to the rich, fertile soils which evolve over time from the deposits of lava, ash and other materials.  

Last month I sat down with Antonio Capaldo, president and second generation winemaker to discuss the impact of these soils on the Feudi di San Gregorio wines.  "Volcanic soils bring minerality to the wine ... they give stronger body, longer finish, and then almost a salty aftertaste that is incredibly interesting when you're pairing them with food".

See the video interview and read the full article about this innovative winery at GrapeCollective.com

Feudi di San Gregorio makes aromatic wines of great complexity using indigenous grape varieties — Aglianico for its reds and Fiano, Greco and Falanghina for the whites.